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Security Testing

Considering Security in application development is of paramount importance across organizations to deter attacks and to protect customers’ sensitive data during processing, transit and rest, it is crucial to follow an S-SDLC (secure SDLC) approach during development to avoid expensive and time consuming changes to Architecture / Code later down the development cycle. Once deployed, it is important to perform periodic security checks to ensure secure application / infrastructure. With the exponential increase in Mobile, Cloud and IoT applications, the risk, attack vectors & entry points grow manyfold.  Any security incident or breach will not only result in loss of sensitive data and affect the reputation of the organization, but will also result in loss of business and penalties due to non-compliances.

EVRY follows the industry standard OWASP based methodology — it helps in identifying the vulnerabilities, suggests best practices in mitigating the risk and helps our customers to move to production with confidence. EVRY's Certified Ethical Hackers have experience of conducting a large number of tests over several years on web / mobile applications and network in various domains such as Banking & Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and ISVs.

Security Testing as a Service (STaaS)

EVRY’s Subscription-based Security Testing as a Service (STaaS) includes Automated Scans and Manual Assessments to minimize security issues seeping into your apps.

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Mitigating Security Breaches in Retail Applications

Retail customers’ personal and banking information is in high demand on the dark web. Read about all vulnerable areas and best practices to mitigate apps’ vulnerabilities.

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