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Functional Testing

Our testing motto is to assess the product quality to improve it at low cost of quality and enable informed decision making. EVRY conducts functional testing to validate various quality goals of the product. Significant quality criteria considered for testing includes capability, reliability, compatibility, portability, scalability and maintainability. The Functional Testing approaches include:

Scripted Testing – Ensure efforts such as high planning, estimation, predictability and qualitative documentation. The test scenarios and execution of these scenarios are also maintained as reports. 

Exploratory Testing – Improvisational, adaptive and flexible, the exploratory testing we provide offers the project owners to view their work with a fresh pair of lenses. Our testers not only think like an end user, but also function like one.

Risk Based Testing – Address the complexity parameters critical to software applications in a methodical manner. Define severity, measure and manage the IT risk and impact on the business.

Key Differentiators:

  • Test assets
  • Test metrics framework
  • Session based test management
  • Test solution accelerators
  • Risk catalogue
  • Domain experts

By partnering with EVRY, customers can benefit with quick and comprehensive testing. EVRY ensures improved quality and high coverage at reduced cost of quality to its customers with efficient and scalable teams.

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