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Customer Experience

Customer experience is always the big question in the E-commerce world. The fast growing of e-commerce, the disruptions in different categories, channels and customer experiences have brought the need to looking at diverse ways to keep the customer promised. The customer has much more information at the tip of their fingers than a couple of years ago. With the increased competition from different e-tailers today, customer experience has become a key factor.

In such scenario, web collaboration is the best solution to keep up with the customer expectations. With it e-tailers can collaborate with their customers in real time, using the Internet. Web collaboration comprises of web-based tools with which customers visiting the e-tailers’ websites can chat, text or voice, for two-way communication.

EVRY works on some of the cutting-edge ideas and technologies. We have delivered a focused customer engagement platform for retailers, which can be used to enhance the customer experience. It is linked with multiple functionalities such as loyalty point collection, wish list, social media engagement, store locators, etc.

An application, which EVRY has developed and deployed, which brings E-Commerce, offline retailer & customers on a single platform, and benefits all the three, is known as ‘Shop-on-the-Go’. This application contains user flow like community shopping by getting products / services delivered to them, using one single application.

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