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e commerce

Re-establishing the foundations of customer experience

Prioritizing Customer Convenience

E-business has emerged as the new age prospect and opportunity, and is one of the most exciting avenues in the field of commerce. It is one of those customer-centric technologies that has a massive impact on the retail experience.

E-commerce has become one of the fastest changing areas of retail, the challenges and the rewards are equally significant. E-commerce re-establishes the very foundations of competitiveness in terms of information content, delivery mechanisms and customer satisfaction. It has innovated the systems of retail business.

At EVRY, our focus has been on using new age technologies to cater to the changing demands of retailers, which include enhanced:

  • Operations efficiencies
  • Payment methods
  • Loyalty framework
  • Customer acquisition

The work we execute in the field of E-commerce comes from the certainty that the key driving factors in retail have always been - Improving process efficiency by reducing the cost, elevating better search, and optimal utilization of inventory.

+Read about EVRY’s E-Commerce Focus Areas:

Quick Facts


Search Engines

Search engines have become the starting point for widespread mobile research. Around 48 percentage of mobile internet users use search engines on their mobiles.


E Commerce Website

An average e-commerce website takes 7.12 seconds to load on Internet Explorer 9, about 7.15 seconds to load on Firefox 7 and around 7.5 seconds to load on Google Chrome.

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World Internet Traffic

By 2017, the internet traffic will be more than all the prior internet access years put together, which will be mostly generated by Wi-Fi & mobile devices that shall generate 68 % of overall internet traffic.

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