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We assist retailers with better placement of products, planning of inventory and to analyze the customer shopping patterns. Our services analyze customer behaviour, helping the retailers in cross merchandising and inventory planning.

To understand the customer and precisely deliver what he or she needs, forms significant part of planning. Planning has always been an essential aspect for retailers, in-order to have the Geographical Forecasting, Capital Budgeting, Assortment Allocations, Space Planning, and Inventory Level in place.

EVRY Planning Approach:

EVRY provides services, which can analyze the customer shopping patterns, helping the retailers in better placement of products (Cross merchandising) and planning of inventory. One of the most important aspects of the planning solutions that we build includes “cross channel” capabilities and analyzing the requirements of today’s retailer. Merchandising and planning systems built for only a single channel cannot suffice in today’s highly competitive retailer environment.

We have worked with one of the biggest retailers in the world to enhance their merchandising systems on many of the modules, some of the biggest being pricing / promotions, event planning, visual merchandising, etc. Some of the projects include multiple functionalities like integration with reporting, analytics, inventory information, store-based event planning, etc.

Organized set of processes, pricing and promoting replace the traditional approach to planning and execution. At EVRY, an extensive array of planning systems, in combination with a team of specialists operate successfully to serve some of the well-known retail giants in the industry.