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Order Management and Fulfillment

Accurate and rapid order fulfillment is a key factor in today’s business environment. Lack of it can cost a business in losing its customers permanently. With the recent explosion in online B2B and B2C commerce, order cycle times have been slashed down by eliminating communication barriers between trading partners. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of possible time and cost savings that the Internet adds to the equation. All participants in the order management and fulfillment process can benefit largely and so can the customers. The fulfillment cycle can be instantly triggered by the demand cycle. Immediate, accurate delivery dates and alternatives can be dynamically generated, along with the most profitable supply chain and operation plans.

Imagine the time and cost savings that can be achieved if sales, planning, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and customer fulfillment were all running from the same system and work in cohesion in real-time within a common, collaborative environment! These different stakeholders would view data through a friendly web-browser interface, take necessary actions and receive instant, automatic alerts on issues that are critical to them.

EVRY’s order fulfillment solution has been developed with this vision that describes itself as ’A 100% Internet based solution that enables multiple stakeholders to collaborate on the order fulfillment process in real-time within a common planning environment.’

The system continuously provides users with feedback and personalized access to live supply chain data to help them make more informed decisions. Shorter order cycle times, increased fulfillment accuracy, increased order fill rates, increased customer satisfaction and lower inventories are its highlighting features.

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