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Providing Patient-Centric Care Environment

Transforming Patient-Centric Care Environment

Healthcare industry is changing faster than ever. The future of healthcare lies in having effective patient-centric care models. Entire healthcare ecosystem endeavors are towards boosting patient satisfaction. EVRY’s Healthcare Solution consultants work with ACOs, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and PBMs to develop solutions that address core areas of Digital Patient Engagement. Solutions range from front, mid, and back office operation automation using advanced IoT, SMAC, Robotics technologies to care plan personalization using advanced analytics.

EVRY’s Healthcare Solutions

SPANICD10XChange: ICD-10 crosswalk solution for external systems using interfaces such as Web services. Solution framework allows users to set up preferences & customize cross-walk as per business demands

Digital Patient Experience: EVRY’s Digital Patient Experience solution is designed to assist customers wade through complex interaction touchpoints realization and bring together market essentials with user journey

Digital Patient Adherence Management: EVRY Digital Patient Adherence management solution is directed towards empowering both Providers & Patients with digital tools to improve outcomes

Digital Operation Excellence: As part of “Digital Operation Excellence” our Healthcare Consultants work with you in the areas of back-office automation, implementing paper-less clinical administration & workflow efficiency improvement.


Medication adherence empowered by Digital Healthcare

Simplifying Medication adherence with Digital Healthcare

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Remote Patient Engagement

If Patient Engagement were a drug, it would be blockbuster of the year and malpractice would be not to use it.

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Coordinated care

The Workers' Compensation industry has been in practice since the second industrial revolution with well-defined ethos.

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