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90% of Senior Executives say

CX is a top priority, but measuring CX is difficult

CX Calibration

Building a Customer-Centric Organization

Customer Experience (CX) is well understood today as the aggregate of sentiments, emotions and feelings that a customer develops towards a brand, its products and services, during interactions with the brand. In today’s omni-channel and digitally mature consumer markets, such interactions typically happen over multiple touchpoints, over extended periods of time, resulting in huge amount of CX data being available to the enterprise. However, traditional approaches to Customer Experience measurement (for example: surveys) do not consider all the customer data available, thereby losing an opportunity to provide a consistent experience across the customer’s journey cycle.

For executives, it is not only important to see a consolidated CX picture, but also crucial to identify investment opportunities towards improving CX. Enterprises either struggle with setting the right CX metrics and systems in place or end up measuring CX from siloed or fragmented information sources.

CX Calibration is an Omni-channel customer experience measurement and analytics platform solution that helps brands address these challenges. The platform aggregates data from multiple systems such as CRM, contact center applications, data lakes, legacy systems, social media, and any applications where CX data may be available. It also executes algorithms to compute pre-defined CX KPI metrics.  Next, the platform helps visualize these metrics in a rich, interactive dashboard. Finally, a recommendation engine employing data sci­ence and machine learning techniques offers intelligent suggestions and insights on what’s working and what’s not, to help improve the experience across the customer’s entire journey.

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See what makes CX Calibration different?

CX Calibration helps you measure and visualize Customer Experience across the journey cycle of a customer. It also delivers smart suggestions for improving your CX.


CX Calibration – defining a new approach to customer engagement!


Who is CX Calibration for?

Every company implements some kind of customer experience programs. Now you can know whether your efforts are producing results.

Marketing Office

From campaigns to customer dialogues, a marketer’s role is evolving. The CX Calibration platform understands the perceptions a customer builds after a purchase decision is made and helps you build more engaging relationships with your customer.

Customer Success Office

Keeping customers is equally, if not more, important than gaining new ones, with importance given to strategies and activities that directly foster upsell and renewal revenues. Get a complete overview of your customer’s behavior across different channels and understand what is ticking the key metrics such as Net Promoter score or Satisfaction rates.

Executive Office

Successful brands of the future would be those that monitor, measure and continuously improve the end-to-end experience offered to their customers. The platform provides a bird eye’s view of your customers from different dimensions such as relational, operational and financial, helping you take decisions that are customer-centric.

What does CX calibration do?

Three simple steps for achieving greater customer experience.



KPI Library with carefully selected customer metrics across multiple dimensions. Compute module to aggregate and calculate KPIs using a predefined set of algorithms.



Customer Analytics across journey, touchpoints and channels. Correlate business impact from outside-in perspectives using interactive visualizations.



Smart Suggestions to improve CX using data science and machine learning. Intervention module to loop back actions and decisions into the platform.

CX Calibration across industries

Our platform helps put customer at the center of every business.



Retailers have huge amount of untapped customer data generated by digital interactions over multiple touchpoints. Our platform goes beyond traditional approach of measuring CX, using all this data to help deliver consistent, seamless and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints.



Trust of customers on insurance companies is one of the lowest among consumer industries, due to perceptions built around transparency, ease of policy purchase and servicing and lack of personalization. Our platform helps to consider these customer sentiments and emotions and quantify them in actionable insights.


Financial Services

While Bank and Financial Service companies understand the importance of CX, they continue to operate in silos of channels or departments. Our platform connects all the channels across journey enabling companies to provide services and products personalized to customer’s financial needs.

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