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EVRY Financing – a member of the EVRY Group

EVRY Financing

EVRY Financing was established in 2014 and is a wholly-owned company within the EVRY Group.


The objective of the company is to support the Group's various business areas in their sales activities by providing customised financing solutions for IT-related products and projects. The concept is that financing should be an integral part of a total solution offered by EVRY that is able to free up capital, improve cash flows, create flexibility and the opportunity for customers to spread investment costs over the life of the equipment or project.

EVRY Financing has 6 employees in Sweden, all of whom are based at the head office in Solna and 8 employees in Fornebu, Norway. All of those employed by the company have extensive experience of the financial market in the Nordic region. EVRY Financing currently has a leasing portfolio of approximately SEK 1.5 billion.

"The focus of our work is on providing structured solutions and packages where there are opportunities for including hardware, software, licences, insurance, applications and services. Environmentally sustainable life cycle management is always included in what we propose – all for one and the same monthly cost! We also offer financing of 100% software and project financing."

If you want to know more about IT investment financing, get in touch with us!


Stefan Jonsson (CEO) + 46 70 537 51 23
Helene Landin (Sales Manager) +46 70 793 7934

Dag Erik Storberget (CEO/Group Manager EF) +47 900 13 657
Anders Bache-Mathisen (Sales Manager) +47 900 12 304

EVRY Financing AB
Ekensbergsvägen 113, SE- 171 41 Solna, Sweden