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Data Quality

Well-arranged data always leads to better and rewarding business decisions. Erroneous and disorganized data often results in poor decisions, higher cost and above all, missed opportunities. EVRY’s Data Quality strategy ensures that your data is immaculate, standardized and ready for analysis. Our data transformation method ensures error free data assets in the shortest possible time.

EVRY’s effective data lifecycle helps with:

  • Improving data supply chain
  • Data profiling for better knowledge mining
  • Ensure hassle free data migration with zero data loss
  • Cleansing and segregation of data based on effectiveness
  • Enriched external data, including unstructured data present in interactions, logs, websites & social media

Delivering Successful Data Quality Strategies: EVRY has years of experience in designing and executing superior data quality strategies. Our skilled team, designated for data quality projects, delivers results by working closely with the stakeholders with support from leading partners like ORACLE and Informatica, under flexible engagement models.

Master Data Management: Large multinational companies are often unsure about the accuracy of management reports and operational transactions with staggering volumes of data, that it becomes extremely difficult to manage it. EVRY's Master Data Management (MDM) solutions are designed to effectively handle gigantic data volumes, extract accurate data and connect information silos into a single integrated source, efficiently.

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