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Today, the global supply chain enables companies to leverage lower cost of manufacturing. There are significant challenges imposed on the transportation team in ensuring that products delivered over long distances arrive on time and are distributed to the right locations.

Transportation costs typically come up to around 6% of an enterprise’s revenue and majorly contribute to overall product costs. Better transportation management system helps companies improve their overall supply chain efficiency. The longer lead times with global suppliers, volatile fuel prices and risks such as unavoidable delays, make estimating the cost and time associated with transportation difficult. As a result, companies incur high inventory costs and accelerate their operational speed.

EVRY acts as a catalyst to reduce transportation overheads and ensures that the right product reaches the right location on time. Transportation managers require a centralized view over all of the company’s transportation activities as well as the ability to understand the transportation’s impact on product inventory.

Transportation Management System

One of the most effective measures for reducing costs and exposing supply chain inefficiencies is the use of Transportation Management Systems (TMS), which includes technology and processes as the foundation of a supply chain’s success.

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Fleet Management System

Operational visibility is the key to fleet management and optimization and can be achieved through a robust fleet management system powered by cutting edge software.

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