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We identify the major retail operations and build our solutions accordingly by leveraging latest technologies. EVRY builds solutions for retailers and ISVs, which cater to specific areas of operations.

Operations is an area of concern for any retailer. EVRY recognizes this fact and thus, builds solutions to cater to efficiency in retail operations, by leveraging technology to eradicate waste, reduce the time and cost of deploying new functions and improve the overall IT security. We build solutions for retailers and ISVs, which cater to specific areas of operations. The key areas:

  • Warehouse Management System – EVRY's Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a single platform to control and monitor the movement of goods through your warehouse with optimal utilization of labour, space and equipment. The simplified work processes of WMS comprehensively cover all the inbound, outbound and cross-docking logistics. It also provides associated information on transactions, shipping, receiving, put-away and picking, which directly impact the profitability of a business. Our WMS is a light weight application built entirely on an open source software called OFBiz, to manage the inflow and outflow of goods into the warehouse of smaller retailers.

    WMS facilitates large store commodities with optimal cost management through rule-based allocation of inventory to orders. It provides complete back-office integration with Order Entry, Inventory Control and Purchase Order modules and helps lower cost of transaction and inventory calculation. The solution facilitates quick and accurate turnaround for business efficiency and productivity.
  • Backroom Management – Helps store associates to maximize the interaction with the customers, while at the same creates an efficient way of locating inventory in the backroom and managing the backroom space of the store.
  • Order Management - Various applications are developed for different types of orders (Backorder, Pre-order, Just-In time) in order lifecycle and for B2B & B2C scenarios, thereby assisting various finance options, which helps the client to boost sales.