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Leapfrog Competition with Next-Gen Solutions

Developing the next generation insurance solutions

Today, the insurance arena is extremely dynamic and competitive, with a steady growth potential. The global macroeconomic environment has shown significant improvement with both middle class and high net worth individuals, growing in number as well as financial resources. Interestingly, this has led to favorable conditions for the property-casualty and life-annuity insurance companies. The road ahead is definitely exciting, despite the challenges Carriers are facing. These challenges are—ensuring customer loyalty in the face of rising expectations, sustaining profitable operations in the age of global economic volatility, increased chances of catastrophes and ever changing regulations worldwide.

The market also sees a significant advancement of the intermediary sector viz. MGAs, agents and the broker community, who are facing a transformation in their traditional role of policy and claims servicing. Impeccable customer service has taken a front seat, which is just the beginning of a new customer-centric model of future insurance business, powered by the new wave of digital solutions. As disruptive technologies continue to transform the market landscape, EVRY’s focus is to create digital solutions for its customers and become a preferred business transformation partner for the major industry players, in years to come.

EVRY’s “Systematic Continuous Engagement Framework” is designed to enable stakeholders across the value chain to achieve the goals of digital transformation. Our insurance consultants work with the CxOs of Insurance Companies, Agencies, Brokerage Firms and Third Party Administrators to ensure continuous improvement of their existing business processes by providing assistance to

  • identify / quantify business problems,
  • ideate appropriate solution,
  • build proof of concepts (POC),
  • test market solutions with target population,
  • build & scale solutions for all users, and
  • manage to monitor & improve solutions in further iteration to achieve measurable benefit for our clients.

With a sustained business focus to leverage emerging technologies for solving industry problems, we at EVRY strive continuously to add value to our customers.

Redesign Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experiences are subjective, qualitative and difficult to measure, but with EVRY’s CX Calibration building a customer-centric organization is not difficult anymore.

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New-Age Technology Adoption-teaser.jpg

New-Age Technology Adoption

This white paper talks about how the adoption of new-age technology can be a real game changer for the insurance companies. Digital Transformation can be effectively implemented by following a strategic and sequential approach.

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Revamping Insurance Sales

This case study shows how our Salesforce-driven solution allows all agents to capture their customers’ financial needs and manage them through “opportunity management” to track the products sold.

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