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Cognitive computing is here to stay

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Innovating IT today. Defining banking for tomorrow.

The financial industry is undergoing significant transformation. Regulatory requirements and the accelerating digitalisation puts pressure on banks. The banking market is increasingly more competitive, and the rapid technological development creates new customer expectations. It is essential for the banks to embrace and adapt these changes, but it also creates new opportunities. 

EVRY has the experience, resources and skills that financial institutions need to transform their operations and continuously generate digital advantages.

Through deep industry knowledge, we find methods to help banks banks do things differently and generate new ideas that change how businesses operate and compete. Whether you want to develop the customer experience, modernise and simplify the central IT systems or achieve greater cost efficiency through automated processes, EVRY can help.

EVRY Financial Services serves 165 customers in 18 countries and has around 1400 employees with deep insight into the opportunities and challenges that characterise the banking and finance market.

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Financial services insights

EVRY continually publishes white papers. We research on emerging trends in the financial services sector with focus on customer needs in combination with emerging solutions and technology trends.

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Sweden's most talked about blockchain project

Using blockchain technology, the process of purchasing a property can be made significantly more efficient, secure and transparent for all the parties involved.

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Making mobile payments easy

The world of payments is evolving, and consumer and business behaviour is changing rapidly, moving towards even faster and easier methods of payment.

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