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Retail and Corporate Banking

Technology advancements in core banking have led to a major transformation in the banking industry paving the way for SMART banking. Customers’ demand for versatility in products is increasing day-by-day. This, coupled with the demand for exceptional customer service has become a great challenge for banks.

EVRY brings deep knowledge and understanding of the retail and corporate banking domain to help you strategize the transformation of your banking solutions. This will result in improved operations and services and create a win-win situation with your end customers. Our Retail and Corporate Banking arm delivers consulting and technology associated services across several lines of businesses. EVRY’s team has extensive experience, which also helps global banks across diverse geographies.

EVRY’s Capabilities

EVRY has proven expertise in retail banking products, bridging several functional areas comprising:

  • Banking Channels: Branch banking, Smart banking and ATM banking
  • Core Banking: Re-engineering and supporting the core banking platform
  • Loans and Mortgages: Loan origination/management solutions, Credit applications and Self Service Lending solutions

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