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Loan and Mortgages

Our rich experience in Loan Origination, Management and Servicing Systems, Compliance Applications, Quality Control Applications, and Fraud Prevention Tools makes us the partner of choice for customers all over the globe. We work extensively with farm credit banks and associations in the US, which give us deep insights into agricultural lending in the US market. We have developed solutions that cater to consumer lending and mortgages to ease up the loan origination process.

Our time-honored know-how of loan lifecycle management for both secured and unsecured loans allows us to provide customers with cutting edge solutions. The industry is heavily regulated, and EVRY caters to the needs of customers in adhering to regulations and compliances such as RESPA, TILA, HMDA, CFPB, GLBA, HOEPA, FCRA and others.

EVRY’s turnkey projects include:

  • Developing and maintaining loan origination application for one of the largest banks in the US.
  • Data warehouse maintenance for our clients - maintaining data quality/application performance.
  • Developing a self service lending application for small and medium business lenders. The solution can also be utilized by mortgage and other types of lenders.
  • Maintenance of multiple legacy applications and revamping existing applications for one of the largest loan closing data providers in the US.
  • Development of Crowdfunding platform for one of the leading financial institutions in Europe

EVRY has developed a Loan Management Application for one of its largest US clients. The application covers areas ranging from pre-qualification to disbursement to closure. Features of the solution include:

  • Account creation
  • Amortization
  • Loan invoicing
  • Loan closure, etc.


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