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Cards and Payments

The global cards and payments industry is witnessing a diminishing trend in traditional banking and constantly progressing towards emerging digital technologies. In order to keep up with the trend, financial institutions are adopting to new technologies and complying with constantly changing regulations / compliances.

Our technology in the cards and payments segment reduces the cost of processing and adds value to your business. We excel in maximizing revenue, increasing customer acquisition, reducing business risk, optimizing processes, and ensuring long term success of our clients. Our technology approach with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ensures resource optimization, reduces upfront hardware and software investment, and guarantees high-quality services. All our services and solutions comply with ISO 20022 standards.

EVRY offers a complete suite of solutions for issuing and acquiring cards, both as a service and as a licensed product. We are involved in delivering the credit card ledger system to various banks in the Nordic region. The ledger system is responsible for accounting, invoicing, payments, and payment follow-up. It can also be integrated with core banking and other systems used by banks. 

Cards Domain:

  • Providing IT services in cards and payments to over 100 banks in Europe
  • More than 1 billion transactions processed by our solutions
  • More than 800 merchant accounts registered in the card acquisition solution handling more than 1 billion merchant transactions
  • Fraud management solution is employed in 110+ banks with a real time fraud prevention response time of 0.17 seconds 

Payments Domain

  • Cash Pool: Offering value added services from banks to corporates across the world for effective cash management. The service comes with a capability of handling more than 500+ accounts, currently offered for 3 banks.
  • Payment Platform: Managing domestic, international and SEPA payment initiations, and processing as per ISO 20022 standards.
  • Message Transformation Engine: Solution to convert payment messages from any format to any other. Examples include ISO and SWIFT.

The solutions we have built include:

  • SEPA-compliant payments solution for a customer in the Nordics
  • Electronic payments system with Check 21 capabilities for an ACH service provider in the USA
  • Invoicing and billing solution for one of the largest banks in the USA
  • Merchant monitoring and card fraud management application for a European bank
  • Card issuing sub-system as a part of online banking for a Scandinavian bank
  • ISO 20022 compliance readiness assessment performance for leading banks in Europe
  • System for pre-paid Forex cards for a major Scandinavian bank

EVRY has been providing services to the cards and payments industry for over 10 years in the European and US markets. Having provided solutions and services for Fortune customers, EVRY is your ideal partner with a proven track record and delivery excellence.

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