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Connected Patient Health Suite

A unique platform to assist care providers & patients

Connected Patient Health Suite (CPHS)

CPHS helps care providers prioritize resources, streamline operations & deliver remote patient care.

The patient-doctor-hospital dynamics is evolving fast and churning out newer delivery and engagement models. While most care providers feel that they are under pressure to deliver more with less, patients continue to seek personalized care, elaborate follow-ups and deeper engagements.

Thankfully, new age technologies such as big data analytics, mobile/web applications and internet of things have been of great assistance to care givers.

Forward looking organizations (ACOs, hospitals, clinics) have leveraged the IT tools/platforms to successfully execute Telemedicine, Patient Engagement & Population Health Strategies.

EVRY’s Connected Patient Health Suite (CPHS) is an intuitive and robust technology platform that can:

  • Maintain 24/7 PHR availability
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Proactively predict at-risk patients
  • Boost patient engagement & clinical adherence
  • Proactively engage as per individual risk status
  • Minimize ‘no shows’ & ‘readmission’

Hospitals & clinics can pick and choose functionalities that are most relevant to their needs.The platform can be customized further to integrate specific workflows and features.

CPHS automates common workflows & offers value-added features.

Personal Health Record   |   Visit Scheduler/Manager   |   Remote Care Management   |   Presciption & Medication Management   |   Ready MIRTH Connectors   |   Enterprise Reporting & Analytics   |   Clinical Interoperability


CPHS bundles multiple technology frameworks into a seamless package



Helps monitor patient health & track prescription/lifestyle adherence



Patients can submit their vitals, receive reminders & alerts and use tele-consultation service



24x7 PHR availability, medication management and generation of enterprise reports & forecasts


Internet of Things

Enables patient self-care, capture & relay vitals and SOS calls


Data Analytics

Assists in identifying at-risk patients, pattern recognition, predict anomalies & generating enterprise reports/forecasts


Artificial Intelligence

Features smart chatbots, backoffice automation and paperwork for insurance

Reassurance & Credentials

CPHS is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based technology platform that adheres to open architecture principles. It offers a gamut of features like device provisioning, connection management, data exchange and standardization, rule engines, notification manager, dashboard, reports and Salesforce CRM integration.

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