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About 85% of all mobile phones in Norway are now smartphones. According to IDC, by 2015 more consumers will access the internet from mobile handsets than from personal computers.

In addition, we are seeing explosive growth in the use of tablets. The Norwegian Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation reports that 950,000 tablet devices were sold in Norway in 2013, twice the number sold in 2012. These trends set a new standard for the development of new services.

Statistics from Danske Bank show that as many as 62% of all internet banking logins are from smartphones or tablets. EVRY was the first provider of mobile banking in Norway in 2006. Mobile banking is now used by 1 million Norwegians. It should be noted that the scope offered by mobility extends far beyond banking and finance.

Case: Mobile employees

Orkla, a customer of EVRY, used to have a traditional approach to the sales process, employing a travelling sales force who visited individual shops and then recorded the sales when back in the office. Over the last year, EVRY has helped Orkla to replace the sellers' notebooks and folders of printed information with tablets using a specially designed application that communicates directly with Orkla's SAP solution.

The sales force can now show their customers information on current marketing campaigns, product pictures and up-to-date information on their tablets, and input orders directly. The solution's user interface was designed to meet the particular requirements of Orkla's sales force. Orkla now has the best sales tool in its industry, which not only makes the sales force's working day easier but also reinforces the perception of the group as a professional supplier.

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