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Mr. Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY inaugurates EVRY India's New Facility

The day all of us at EVRY India looked forward to with great anticipation – January 8th, 2018!
It multiplied our enthusiasm and excitement as our new facility at the Global Village Tech Park was inaugurated by Björn Ivroth, CEO, EVRY. Raj Mohan, CEO, EVRY India also graced the occasion. Other members of EVRY India’s Executive Management Team were present as well. Several employees attended the inauguration ceremony, which began with Lighting of the Lamp (an Indian tradition of commencing a celebratory event) by Mrs. and Mr. Ivroth, followed by the ceremonial ribbon cutting. 

The cultural programme started with an invocation song and a captivating Indian classical dance, which together commemorated Indian culture and tradition. The dance was a fusion of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi — two of the eight major classical dance forms in India. The dancers first depicted Shiva Tandava Strotram, followed by Tarangam and concluded with Nrityam. The dancing troupe’s repertoire included Abhinaya (expressions), Mudras (gestures), gracious postures and musical rhythm by means of synchronous footwork, which left the audience spellbound. 

The programme continued with Björn and Raj addressing all the employees gathered at the town hall meeting. Björn spelled out his vision for EVRY and how the focus on digital transformation has strengthened our position in the market for fueling overall growth. He articulated EVRY’s focus on the three C’s i.e., “Collaboration, Customer-centricity and Culture” and emphasized on employee engagement, which are the important pillars for a motivated workforce and company’s success.

Björn also felicitated all the team members, architects, project managers and other vendors who were the major mainspring behind this world-class facility.