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EVRY India Elevates the Efficacy of Data Maintenance

The customer is one among the leading telecom service providers in the United States. The company incurred losses and paid excess penalties and taxes due to improper and inconsistent maintenance of engineering data. The data was maintained this way across all its business units and also resulted in high maintenance costs. EVRY India had to work on a solution to regulate its process for enhanced data maintenance.



The key challenges revolved around identifying and centralizing all the sixteen heterogeneous sources, cleansing 90% of the inconsistent engineering data, dealing with inconsistent engineering data, managing terabytes of the same data, and implementation of manual data correction methodology for errors that could be addressed by the automated process.



EVRY India designed and developed a solution that involved a process to integrate data from all the heterogeneous sources. We implemented a rule-based data cleansing service to achieve absolute accuracy. Analytical reports from a centralized source system were developed to maintain the inventory.



Major benefits experienced by the customer portrayed reduced losses equaling 60% on an annual scale, obtaining consistent engineering data and efficient management of inventory & resources.