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EVRY India Assists Railways Operator Achieve Accuracy

The customer is ranked for being the 4th largest transportation network in the world. This network carries about 8 billion passengers every year and travels to more than 11,000 stations. An average of 8 million unreserved tickets and 4 million reserved tickets are booked per day!



Even though the railways has remained as the most reliable and used means of transport, no single consolidated system existed to understand passenger revenue. Multiple reports had to be integrated across various divisions to gain an overall picture, which led to inaccuracy. The data load to operational data store took several hours and handling the number of batches were spread across the entire day. Data integration involved integration of heterogeneous data from 17 zones, with a volume of about 4 GB of data per each division. It was cumbersome to handle around 80 million records per journal, per day. It was all about data - inconsistent & redundant data and scattered data & replication delays.



EVRY India introduced a comprehensive Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution to manage the load provider data. We helped with the implementation of a web portal approach for effective and efficient handling of provider data. Identification and development of reusable maps helped to reduce the cycle time to implement new loads of provider data. We further provided a well-defined process and workflow for the conversion, and introduced multi-staged migration and verification process. The incorporation of parallel load and static key generation features also eased the entire procedure.



  • EDW framework conformed the UTS and PRS passenger data without losing out on its nativity
  • EDW is now catering 500+ reports in a matter of minutes that is referred by the country‚Äôs own Railways Board as well as Ministry of Railways
  • Accurate statistics are now achievable, thus enabling better decision making about organizational budgets
  • Elimination of data duplication that in turn eliminated data redundancy, thereby helping with increased storage and boosting performance
  • The entire ETL load can now be processed within 20 to 75 minutes
  • Consolidated reports are now available within minutes and have opened up new arenas for business analysis in the organization
  • EDW framework is flexible enough to support new services introduced by the organization (Ex: Mobile ticketing, JTBS, YTBS, etc.)
  • A holistic view has enabled the railway segment to proceed towards business analytics