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Revamped insurance sales with SMAC

A multi-level marketing company, based in the USA, sells financial products from offices distributed across USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. With a network of above 75,000 agents, marketing investment, insurance and other financial products, they aim at providing financial independence to individuals and families.


Overhauling the Business Processes

EVRY India is one of their preferred vendors and have been collaborating continually with the company to build tools to aid agents engage and sustain customers. Another facet of collaboration has been to eliminate administrative inefficiencies.

Leveraging on EVRY India’s expertise in digital technologies and acumen in insurance domain, an end-to-end solution was designed to break barriers around the areas of customer experience, customer engagement, continuous delivery, agency administration, work redundancy & errors and efficiency improvement across the value chain.


SMAC-Powered Solution

A solution based on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)—with key components like quotation engine, dashboards and notifications—was envisioned and implemented.  The application supported e-Payment and e-Signature. Sentiment Analysis over social media, descriptive analytics, visualization solutions, wearable integration were some of the key considerations in the solution. Also, a few of the backend processes around commission data processing were automated bringing about considerable process transformation.


Business Impact

Our client enjoyed multiple benefits due to the solution implemented, some of them being—

  • enhanced sales channels to aid cross-selling and up-selling,
  • reduced transaction processing time,
  • on-the-go access to business insights, and
  • improved customer satisfaction and service,
  • reduction in back office work redundancy and errors,
  • increased staff operational efficiency, and
  • reduced helpdesk ticket volume.