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Vision and values


Creating digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders

The starting point for EVRY’s new vision is its customers and how we can help them fulfil their ambitions. “Creating digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders” is a reminder that technology is absolutely essential in the world of business today. The opportunity space is large and dynamic. Hence, we need to go to great lengths to find solutions that truly benefit our customers – this is what it means to create digital advantage. Digital advantage is already well-established as a concept at EVRY and it is natural for it to form the basis of our new vision. It is customer-oriented and something that we should strive to be every day. EVRY’s vision is concrete and achievable – when we deliver at our best.


Together, we identify opportunities and deliver superior solutions, creating tangible value for our customers and society as a whole.

Our mission, which is “Together, we identify opportunities and deliver superior solutions, creating tangible value for our customers and society as a whole”, refers to how, by using digitalisation and smart solutions, we create value for our customers and contribute to society. As a first step, we identify opportunities that can provide digital advantage for our customers. We then advise on what solutions and services represent the best choice and how and when they should be implemented.

Over five million people in the Nordic region use services delivered by EVRY daily. We are the force behind a range of innovations that provide users with better services and make life simpler. Through our insight, solutions and technology, we contribute to the development of the digital society of the future. Being customer-centric and leveraging strategic partners is critical to becoming the trusted partner in this regard. We guide our customers, making suggestions that secure swift and successful transformation.


At EVRY, we are focused on ensuring that our values are not just words, but are real values that characterise all our employees, all our decisions, all our actions and all our targets. To ensure this we started the process in 2011 by inviting all employees of EVRY to join with us in developing our corporate values.

We decided on our values in the autumn of 2011. Since then all employees have been involved in applying the values, and every employee has their own value tasks. These may be small steps for individual employees, but across the company this represents a leap forward in the direction of being a more customer-oriented business.

Anticipate needs

  • Know your customers – be there for them
  • Understand your clients and their business
  • Foresee opportunities and initiate change
  • Respect each other

Go beyond expectations

  • Strive for excellence
  • Dare to think differently
  • Challenge conventions and shape the future
  • Trust your strengths and develop your talent

Perform together

  • Create effective and close partnerships with our customers
  • Share your insight, build our knowledge
  • Build strong and enthusiastic teams
  • Be curious, open and have fun

Empower and inspire

  • Share your energy and ideas with others
  • Be open to new ideas yourself
  • Trust your colleagues
  • Initiate and fulfill

For more information about EVRY's vision and values, download our brochure "Creating Digital Advantage"