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Tech Utsav 2019

Celebrating ideas, knowledge and innovation!

What is Tech Utsav?

The word Utsav, in Hindi – most widely spoken language of India – means ‘Festival’. So, Tech Utsav literally translates to ‘Tech Festival’, a symposium of technical accomplishments and investments made by EVRY India in emerging technologies. Through this annual event, EVRY India provides a platform for its employees to showcase their innovative ideas, concepts or any R&D activity worth sharing across the organization.


In its 10th edition, Tech Utsav will once again demonstrate technologies with out-of-the-box innovations. The theme – “Imagine to Innovate” represents how conceptualization begins with imagination and progresses towards innovation.

This tech fest is one of those exciting avenues where you can experience of what the world calls as ruling industry trends.


Why should customers be a part of it?

Tech Utsav is an excellent platform for our customers to interact with employees and industry experts. It provides great opportunities to our customers to exchange business concepts with thought leaders from various sectors. Tech Utsav creates avenues to gain new technology-oriented perspectives and achieves the objective of building stronger business relations, thus establishing EVRY India as a preferred partner for diverse business endeavors. We have received encouraging and positive responses from all our customers who have graced the previous editions of Tech Utsav.

What our customers are saying

“We really liked the event and meeting other customers too. It is also interesting to hear where EVRY India’s focus is and what is being developed.”

“The visit has given us a better understanding of EVRY India as an offshore partner. We’re very impressed about how they have grown new & young professionals in the IT industry.”

“We have had a great experience working with EVRY India and foresee positive future plans which are in tune with our plans for the IT environment development.”

EVRY India is proud to host the 10th edition of Tech Utsav on March 14-15, 2019, which will again highlight and reward the best of innovators and achievers.

Download the Demo Booklet of Tech Utsav 2018